Das neue Europäische Forum Alpbach: Im Gespräch mit Feri Thierry.

Wemorrow Präsident Hannes Offenbacher im Gespräch mit Feri Thierry, dem neuen Generalsekretär des Europäischen Forum Alpbach. Themen: Die neue Struktur des Events nach der Pandemie und mit Ausbruch des Ukraine Krieges auf europäischem Boden.

About the event: The European Forum Alpbach (EFA) is a platform that drives ideas for an empowered and democratic Europe. It brings together the next generation of leaders in Europe with the most innovative minds, decision-makers and experts from politics, business, sciences, culture and civil society to work together from all over the world to engage and contribute to its mission.

EFA 2022: The new Europe

With Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, Europe has changed overnight. We have woken up in a new Europe. And the big challenges of our time have became even more urgent: Under the general theme The New Europe, this year’s event will take place from 21 August to 2 September 2022 to tackle these topics and take Europe to the next level.

We need voices like yours. Together we can bridge generations and disciplines as well as open up opportunities for more diverse opinions. By joining these conversations, you will gain perspective, build solutions and become part of the alliances on which the future of this continent is based. We invite you to think, talk and walk with us – and to work on Europe’s future. 

Thematic Tracks:

The 2022 event is designed around four thematic tracks (1) Securing Europe’s Future in a Globalised World, (2) The Climate Opportunity, (3) The Financing of Europe’s Future and (4) The Future of Democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe.